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Agile for safety-critical software

SD Times talked about Agile techniques for achieving continuous certification in Agile for safety-critical software.

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IEEE effort to standardize requirements capture language

In a recent announcement, IEEE has approved work to develop a standard for a language to capture software requirements.

Unfortunately, I have not found much information about it. They mention that the information will be presented in a tree-like structure, which should fit well with the hierarchical organization of requirements in typical safety-critical development.

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Interesting open-source partitioning kernel

I attended the DASIA 2009 conference las week, and I discovered a really nice open-source initiative targeting the high-integrity real-time community. The Real-Time Systems Group of the University of Valencia has developed an open-source hypervisor (partitioning kernel) called XtratuM, which is not ARINC compliant, but it provides temporal and spatial partitioning. It currently works on [...]

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