SOCIS 2012 Project

The European Space Agency is funding students to participate in the Hi-Lite project through the SOCIS 2012 program. To contribute to this Open-Source project, apply on the page for students on SOCIS website.

The goal of this project is to extend the work already done on a library of containers adapted to formal verification. We aim at:

  • Adding formal contracts (preconditions and postconditions) to the existing formal container library.
  • Adding a version of the library that can hold indefinite elements, in particular classwide types (which allows in Ada to put objects of a same hierarchy in the same container).
  • Possibly adding formal contracts to other critical libraries (input/output, OS operations, etc.)

The student will have access to the formal verification tools developed in Hi-Lite, to perform formal verification on code snippets making use of the libraries.

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