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Agile Qualification and the Qualifying Machine

Matteo Bordin presented the Qualifying Machine at the Certification Together Conference 2010 . The Qualifying Machine is an integrated repository to manage qualification (and certification) -oriented artifacts like requirements, test cases, source code and verification reports. Its main goal is to provide an agile framework to cope with end-to-end traceability, incremental certification/qualification and change impact [...]

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DO-178: Couverture and the “Source Code VS Object Code Coverage” debate

Couverture is a qualifiable tool to measure structural coverage. This paper describes how the Couverture technology copes with the “Souce Code VS Object Code Coverage” debate in a DO-178 context.

The Couverture project is hosted on the Open-DO Forge.

The attached paper is also published in the Ada User Journal, December 2009 issue.

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The Open-DO Qualifying Machine

A Qualifying Machine (QM) is an agile and lean infrastructure to ease DO-178 tool qualification. The main goal of a QM is to ease the manipulation of all artifacts within the whole application life cycle and to track the activities performed by the development team.

Within Open-DO, we released an instantiation of the QM concept for [...]

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Is it finally time for Lean and Agile Certification?

Infrastructure support for lean and agile DO-178 certification/qualification: which tools do you use?

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