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Proving Alt-Ergo prover in Coq

I attended yesterday the PhD defense of Stéphane Lescuyer, who presented his work on the proof of prover Alt-Ergo, pushing the boundary of what’s feasible with today’s proof technology.

First, a few words of why this is interesting for us at AdaCore, in an industrial setting. Starting with SPARK Pro 9.1, users now have the [...]

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Case Study: Can you afford to ignore formal analysis?

This is a title I’d like to reuse some day for a case study in Hi-Lite, but right now it is the title of a very interesting paper published by EE Times: people from Alcatel-Lucent formally verified many properties of an ASIC design in a large communication system.

What is stricking is the similarity of the [...]

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Must-see Videos on Code Verification

Rustan Leino, a researcher at Microsoft Research, has started creating a set of videos where he both teaches and demoes how to do code verification with the tools developed at Microsoft Research. This shows how to overcome the difficulties than someone may encounter with every code verification tool, except the GUI is amazingly intuitive (verification [...]

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Embedded Contract Languages by Microsoft Research

People from the group developing Spec# at Microsoft Research finally published an article on their new Code Contracts approach.

Chosen excerpts: “embedding of contracts as code is a better approach”; “The language of conditions is just the language of expressions
in the programming language used”; “ForAll and Exists that work over integer ranges and collections”; “Any methods [...]

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A “Lighter” Introduction to Hi-Lite

The recently launched project Hi-Lite is based on powerful industrial tools that have been developed by the different partners for the last 10 to 25 years. This means in particular that it is not obvious to grasp the “vision” of Hi-Lite without knowing how all these tools work. To share this vision as broadly as [...]

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