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Axioms and Proofs: When Less is More

In formal verification, we ultimately rely on automatic provers to decide whether formulas are valid (always true) or not. In GNATprove for example, we rely mostly on the ability of prover Alt-Ergo to analyze quickly the formulas we generate, and answer yes when the formula is valid or no when the formula is invalid (so [...]

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not Taking Assumptions for Granted

The Merriam-Webster dictionnary defines an assumption as “a fact or statement (as a proposition, axiom, postulate, or notion) taken for granted”. This is indeed the role that assumptions play in formal verification of programs, as performed in Frama-C platform or GNATprove. Assumptions may either be related to the proof of a single function (like “this [...]

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Certification, Safety and Security at ERTS 2012

We are now leaving the Embedded Real Time Systems and Software conference which was held in Toulouse for the last 3 days. The conference has been expanding since the last occurrence in 2010, with more international presence, many German companies in particular, and a large number of companies from the automotive industry (maybe this is [...]

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