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DO-178: Couverture and the “Source Code VS Object Code Coverage” debate

Couverture is a qualifiable tool to measure structural coverage. This paper describes how the Couverture technology copes with the “Souce Code VS Object Code Coverage” debate in a DO-178 context.

The Couverture project is hosted on the Open-DO Forge.

The attached paper is also published in the Ada User Journal, December 2009 issue.
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Agile Tour 2009

Last week I attented the Grenoble (October 20, 2009) and Valence (October 22, 2009) conferences as part of the Agile Tour 2009 series. These events were a big success and attracted more than 450 attendees! I would like to thank one more time the CARA who did a very good job at organizing these.

The presentations were of very high quality and their diversity pleased practionners as well as managers and students. All the slides are accessible on the CARA’s website (French and English).

I gave a talk in Grenoble and Valence about the infrastructure and processes we put in place at AdaCore to build and test on a daily basis all our compilation chains and accompanying technology in a Lean fashion.

I also presented the “qualification machine” we have built based on open source technology to ease the DO-178B tool qualification process by adopting an agile philosophy.

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DO-178C Upcoming Guidance for OOS

Cyrille Comar gave a talk at the recent SAFECOMP conference on the work being undertaken by the SC-205 and WG-71 working group on the upcoming DO-178C standard. He gives particular attention to the Tools Qualification Supplement, the OOT (Object-Oriented Technology) Supplement, and the Formal Methods Supplement.
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Open DO slides

Open DO: A call for action.ppt

As some of you have difficulties accessing slideshare, I am posting the slides directly to the site as well. Enjoy!

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Concepts and Ideas

Here are the initial concepts and ideas behind the Open-DO initiative. Cyrille Comar gave this presentation at the Do-178C committee meeting in Cologne yesterday. It was a good crowd and a great presentation, lots of enthusiasm and excitement after. Thanks Cyrille!
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