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Ada Connection 2011 – Ada Based Automatic Code Generation Tools in the DO178B context »

From the Ada Connection 2011 talks, Jean-Charles Dalbin from Airbus talks about Ada based Automatic Code Generation Tools in DO178B context.

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EE Times Design article – The Big Thaw

Matteo Bordin, Jerome Lambourg, and Ben Brosgol discuss some of the principles behind the Open-DO initiative in an article entitled The “Big Thaw” – An Agile Process for Software Certification for EE Times Design.


“To achieve certification, safety-critical systems must demonstrate compliance with domain-specific standards such as DO-178 for commercial avionics. Developing a certified system consists [...]

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Open World Forum

If you are in or around Paris next week you may like to attend the industrial day of the Open World Forum. Taking place on Sep 22 in Paris, there are a number of talks looking at the use of Open Source in industrial contexts and several projects (including Open-DO) will be presented.

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Riposte project joins Open-DO

Riposte is a tool to support developers in verifying SPARK programs. The SPARK Examiner generates verification conditions (VCs) that show that the SPARK program is type safe, free from run-time exceptions and meets the specification given in post conditions and checks. Existing tools allow true VCs to be proven automatically. Riposte augments [...]

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Couverture product rewarded with an Electron d’Or!

The open source coverage analysis tool GNATcoverage issued from the Couverture Project was awarded with an Electrons d’Or from the Electroniques magazine. GNATcoverage won the prize for the Software Tool category in a prize-giving ceremony in Paris.

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Safety and security concerns in medical device software

In a recent article in Electronic Design, Ben Brosgol discusses with Bill Wong about safety and security concerns in medical device software and how “recent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations are dealing with such issues, and how programming language and support tool technology can help”

The full article can be found at:

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NIST paper highlights language vulnerabilities

A recently published paper by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), examines software assurance tools as a fundamental resource to improve quality in today’s software applications. It looks at the behavior of one class of software assurance tool: the source code security analyzer. Because many software security weaknesses are introduced at the implementation [...]

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White Paper: High-Integrity OO Programming in Ada

We have posted a new paper to the Open-DO website “High-Integrity Object-Oriented Programming in Ada“. This paper’s goal is to provide guidance on how to use Ada’s Object Oriented (OO) features for High-Integrity applications; i.e. high-reliability systems with requirements for safety and/or security which may need to demonstrate compliance with domain-specific certification standards. The paper’s [...]

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Real Time Linux Workshop 2011

The Real Time Linux Workshop 2011 will be held in Prague, October 20 to 22. The call for papers is now out with several topics of interest including “Safety-related FLOSS systems”. More details on the CFP and event can be found on the website:

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ImProving Formal Verification

We learned this week of ImProve, a lightweight DSL intended for building high assurance embedded applications. Developed by Tom Hawkins, the tool is an EDSL that performs formal verification (via. model checking) and code generation. The host language is Haskell; meaning ImProve programs are nothing more than Haskell programs that call the ImProve library [...]

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