OpenUP and DO-178B development processes

In a paper first published in 2008, Christophe Bertrand and Christopher P. Fuhrman from the Department of Software and IT Engineering, ÉTS, Montreal, Canada, discuss how OpenUP (”a minimally sufficient software development process – meaning that only fundamental content is included”), could be adopted for use in the context of building high-integrity (DO-178B) software.


“Civil avionics software must be certified according to standards mandated by governmental agencies, such as the Federal Aviations Administration in the United States. Typically the certification is done in the context of the DO-178B standard. For companies seeking a first-time certification, preparation for DO-178B can be a daunting challenge. The documentation and planning of high-integrity software is therefore a software engineering problem. As a solution, we consider an open-source derivative of the Unified Process, called OpenUP, as a base process model from which to begin. Because of their importance in the DO-178B standard, software requirement activities are the focus of our study. We show that most of DO-178B’s objectives in this dimension could be supported with activities in OpenUP.”

Full paper:

Towards Defining Software Development Processes in DO-178B with OpenUP

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